TDP 1.5 Desktop Tablet Press Machine (shipping from U.S warehouse)

The TDP 1.5 is a flexible and easily managed desktop format pill press that provides remarkable levels of output, performance and overall flexibility. Able to run on both electricity and manual power, this appliance is the perfect choice for anyone who requires a high-quality press for small batch manufacturing and trial runs that makes it suitable for r & d or similar applications.


TDP-1.5 single punch tablet press machine, used for pressing different kinds of materials into tablets, can be widely used in pharmacy, chemical, food, hospitals, scientific research units, lab trial production and small batch production. It is suitable for small batch production of tablet making.
This machine has top-of-the-line performance record. It is sturdy, adjustable, operator friendly, easy to maintain, compact and light weight.


Model TDP-0 TDP-1.5T TDP-5T TDP-6T
Max. Pressure (KN) 15 15 50 60
Max. Dia. of Tablet(mm) 12 12 20 25
Max. Depth of Filling(mm) 6 12 15 18
Capacity (tablets/h) 2400 5000 4500 3000
Power(w) 220 370 750 750
Rotational Speed (r/min) 1400 1400 1400 1400
Net Weight(kg) 22 50 120 165
Dimensions(mm) 300*190*480 570*380*630 650*440*650 750*380*695


  • This machine comes with a set of round no-logo punch dies. If you want to make other logo, we also provide customized service.
  • Read instructions carefully before setting up the machine for the first time.
  • This machine must only run towards one direction. Reverse the direction will damage accessories.
  • When connecting electricity, the upper punch needs to be at its highest position to protect from damaging to the machine.