Tablet Press

Tablet press machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is an automatic continuous production equipment pressing a granular material into diameter not longer than 13mm circle, shaped tablet with text, symbols, and graphics.

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Effervescent tablet press machine

Effervescent tablet press machine
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Handheld tablet press TDP-00

Handheld tablet press TDP-00 Desktop Tablet Press (Price without mold)

TDP 1.5 Desktop Tablet Press Machine (shipping from U.S warehouse)

The TDP 1.5 is a flexible and easily managed desktop format pill press that provides remarkable levels of output, performance and overall flexibility. Able to run on both electricity and manual power, this appliance is the perfect choice for anyone who requires a high-quality press for small batch manufacturing and trial runs that makes it suitable for r & d or similar applications.

TDP 5 Desktop Tablet Press Machine (Shipping from U.S warehouse)

The TDP 5 has been built to the most rigorous standards of manufacture and efficiency.
£1,091.48 £949.80

TDP 6 Desktop Tablet Press Machine (shipping from U.S warehouse)

This machine is used for tableting different kinds of granular raw materials into round tablet.It is applicable to trial manufacturing in Lab or batch produce in small amount different kinds of tablet,sugar piece,calcium tablet and tablet of abnormal shape.It features a small desktop type press for motive and continual sheeting. Only one pair of punching die can be erected on this press.Both filling depth of material and thickness of tablet are adjustable.

ZP-9 Rotary Press machine

ZP-9 Rotary Press machine